Let’s Spin the Marketing Wheel of Despair


Today I’m going to talk about probably the most common ways business owners absolutely hose themselves when it comes to marketing. We call it the Marketing Wheel of Despair. A good many of you are playing the game right now without knowing it.


Here’s what it looks like. Business owners and marketers move from one tactic to another trying to find the magic bullet. When one thing doesn’t work, they try the next thing. When that doesn’t work, they try the next thing. And round and round it goes. Sometimes for years.


Hire the SEO guys

Fire the SEO guys

Hire the digital agency

Fire the digital agency

Hire consultant

Fire consultant

Hire different consultant

Fire different consultant

Hire branding expert

Fire branding expert

Sink into deep despair and repeat


Companies spend a huge amount of money locked in this cycle over time and are baffled that they can’t seem to get marketing to work for them. They try each tactic like they are sticking their toe in the water with the assumption that “We’ll try it and if it works, we’ll spend more” – they are doomed to fail.


Think of B2B Marketing as a giant flywheel. It takes a lot more force to start the flywheel than it does to keep the flywheel spinning. Trying a “little this and a little that” delivers “Nothing. Nada. Zero.”


You don’t send one tank into battle and “see how it goes.” In today’s episode I expand on this idea.