Let’s work together to develop or improve your marketing approach. We collaborate with client teams to rapidly develop data-driven marketing systems and programs that inspire and motivate customers and deliver predictable, repeatable results. 

Our clients typically are already investing in marketing activities but are:


  • Concerned that they are not receiving a return on this investment  
  • Worried that their organization lacks a deep knowledge of marketing  
  • Frustrated that they can’t connect their investment in marketing with ROI
  • Uncertain where to start, but know they need to improve


The Master Marketing Blueprint is our flagship service and where most clients begin.


It starts with a review of your current and past marketing programs to understand your unique situation and objectives. We provide collaborative leadership to the client team using our proprietary MAPS™ framework that rapidly aligns marketing with revenue generation. 


We are objective facilitators and executive leaders that support your team in making marketing decisions.


Every Blueprint is unique to each clients’ specific circumstances, objectives and limitations. It is a complete plan that is data-driven and execution-ready. 


We will take you through the journey and deliver written recommendations to help you develop a marketing approach that delivers significantly better outcomes and a measurable return on investment. 


Marketing that works. Guaranteed.


Clients that complete the Blueprint and implement the strategy with fidelity see significant improvement from increased deal flow and lower costs to increased conversion and higher close rates.  Most of our clients see measurable improvement in just 90 days. **

Download a detailed guide

We believe you should know everything about what you are buying.


Get more detail on THE MASTER MARKETING BLUEPRINT including pricing, team time requirements, deliverables and much more by downloading our handy PDF guide.  

Marketing Action Planning System (MAPS)™

  • Phase one 5 - 10 days*

    Lightning Team Strategy Sessions

  • Phase Two 30 - 45 days*

    Voice of Customer and Competitive Intelligence

  • Phase Three 10 - 15 days*

    Collaborative analysis of data to define/refine GTM strategy

  • Phase Four 10 - 15 days*

    Tactical planning to speed execution

*Timeframes dependent upon client availability, approvals, payment and may vary.

** We guarantee improvement on agreed-upon KPI’s or we will work for free until you do see improvement.

Learn more by downloading the guide. 


"Pete and Clarity Marketing Support stand out in a sea of incompetents. His approach to marketing strategy is unparalleled in the industry."

Selected clients

Lightning Strategy Sessions

After a deep-dive audit of current and past marketing efforts, data, and efficacy, we will facilitate a series of strategic planning sessions. We usually start with the sales team to uncover front-line insight. Next, we work with executive leadership to build on and capture internal data and identify any Critical Questions™ and knowledge gaps. 


We will work with your team to prioritize remaining questions and gaps, and prescribe lean research methods to complete the picture and deliver deep insight and expert recommendations to drive your organization to the objective with predictable ROI.   


Buyer Journey and competitive threat intelligence

Based on the knowledge gaps uncovered in Phase One, we perform Buyer Journey research to uncover and understand the buyer’s journey, buying criteria, perception and more. 


We scour databases and publicly available data to deliver Competitive Threat Scores that give significant insight into the market to reveal competitor weaknesses and exploit them. 


If you think you might want to work with us, it’s a good idea to check our FAQ to see if we are a fit. 


"A lot of people call themselves "Strategists". But take a look at their background and LinkedIn profile and you'll see just how strategic they are. He has an uncanny ability to rapidly connect the dots even when some of the dots are missing."

Building the Blueprint

We bring everything together and work with your team to review research findings and make decisions. 


We will present expert analysis and written recommendations to optimize marketing, differentiate your offerings and create a clear position in the market.


The Blueprint includes:


  • Positioning statement and strategy
  • Messaging strategy
  • Enhanced ideal customer profiles (EICP’s)
  • Key metrics
  • Creative direction and much more



Month by Month execution map

We will create a detailed implementation blueprint that includes:


  • Marketing tactics
  • Responsibilities
  • Timeline and schedule
  • Monthly budget
  • And more


The Master Marketing Blueprint is designed to be implemented. This final step is often skipped by agencies making it impossible to execute. This tactical schedule shows every aspect of the marketing strategy in one document. 

Have questions? Check our FAQ here. Do you want to talk to a real person? Contact us below. 



"Pete is a real pro with both a broad spectrum of skillsets and a deep knowledge of most. He is reliable, trustworthy and efficient. Pete always produces quality in everything he does. He exceeds expectations..."

We believe you should know as much as possible before you decide to hire us. Learn more about THE MASTER MARKETING BLUEPRINT including: how it works, detail on each phase, pricing, team time requirements, and more. 

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