• Do you need to evaluate your marketing approach and want an independent review?

  • Do you feel  marketing broken and you’re not sure how to fix it?

  • Do you need clarity into your marketing investment and substantive, experienced advice to improve outcomes?


Our clients are successful on their own.  However, they are often frustrated with their marketing programs, people and outcomes but believe they can do better in driving and capturing demand. They just aren’t sure what to do to make it happen. 


It’s a frustrating and expensive place to be. 


If you feel like you are too close to the business to be objective and need clarity into the workings of their marketing investment, read on.  If you need experienced advice you can trust from people who understand how business works, it may make sense to schedule a short call. We can help. 


The Master Marketing Xray™ delivers Clarity to your marketing programs. 


The MASTER MARKETING Xray is a rapid method of modeling your current marketing efforts, identifying what’s working, what’s not working and what needs to happen to make it work. 


We bring 32 years of marketing experience with hundreds of clients over dozens of industries to bear on your specific challenges and obstacles and deliver clear, actionable recommendations to improve outcomes. 


The Master Marketing Xray looks at all aspects of how you currently drive and capture demand, deliver value to the market and how your efforts align with sales. 


  • Review of marketing materials. We comb through previous marketing plans, research, materials, campaigns or other documents that will help us understand and contextualize your unique situation. 


  • Rapid Situational Analysis. In a few short meetings, using our MAPS™ Framework we’ll collaborate to identify and align your strengths and your aspirations with what the marketplace is demanding. We will rapidly model your business to understand what makes it tick.


  • Team facilitation to determine solutions. We will collaborate with your team to further refine marketing decisions and direction while cementing “buy in” from the people trusted to implement the solution.


  • Comprehensive Recommendations. Our team will deliver specific recommendations in plain language you can begin implementing immediately to jump start marketing and change the status quo. 


The MASTER MARKETING Xray is flexible and customizable. If one area of analysis isn’t relevant, we will re-allocate some attention to solve deeper issues elsewhere. This is a fluid process that is highly individualized for each client. 


Selected clients

Location. Remotely, but we do our portion via a live-switched studio, multiple cameras and a live white-board.


Duration. From commencement to completion, expect this process to span 30-45 days depending on client schedule and our workload. 


Scheduling. A Master Marketing Blueprint can usually be initiated within 1-3 weeks, depending on the time of year.


Deliverables. Hours of seasoned advice that follows a written agenda/process, very carefully and concisely stated recommendations, and later expansions as necessary. This is spread across 3 (or more) calls and multiple emails and/or phone calls.

Participation Requirements. A principal or someone with access gathers materials for roughly two hours. Principals and critical leaders participate in the phone calls and homework, as appropriate, but mainly we just need decision makers in the loop. Approximately 4 hours of meetings over 30-45 days. 


Cost. $15,000 fee.


Payment Terms. Prepaid and non-refundable, sent with the materials that we will request. 


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