An end-to-end, overarching marketing strategy for B2B firms.


This high-impact series of facilitated team workshops is our flagship service and where most clients begin. It’s a unique and impactful solution for B2B service firms wanting a holistic, objective, candid assessment of their firm’s marketing and lead generation efforts followed by specific recommendations to significantly improve the performance of the company’s customer acquisition efforts. 


In 90 days or less, we will identify known and/or unknown issues that are holding you back and recommend specific fixes. But we don’t stop there. We’ll deliver a complete, executable plan. 


This program began in 1993, and has been continually refined over the years. Working with hundreds of firms has enabled me to know exactly where to look, how to interpret the data, and what it means within the context of your industry.


Unlike consultants and agencies who spend a few hours asking basic questions and then return with a boilerplate marketing plan, our approach is unique to your circumstance, highly collaborative and intense. Your team is an equal partner in the process while at the same time, taking most of the work off your plate.


Getting Started

First, you contact me by completing the contact form. We will arrange a time to speak briefly about your situation and whether or not this is a good fit for you. Assuming you want to move forward…


Next, We will send you acceptance materials. By email, you’ll receive an agreement (to sign and return), a list of materials to gather and upload to DropBox, and a mutual non-disclosure agreement that I have already signed to ensure confidentiality regarding your firm. Once you have formally accepted the engagement, you will receive an invoice.


It unfolds in five phases.


Phase One: Upon receipt of payment, you will send a list with names, titles and contact information for:

  • Sales team
  • Marketing team
  • Executive team

While you are gathering information, we will review the materials in Dropbox and schedule team lightning sessions. These are fast paced question and answer workshops where we rapidly uncover gaps in people, processes and information. We prefer to start with the sales team, then the marketing team, and finally the executive team.


As we interview your teams, we will be adding the information to our proprietary MAPS Framework (to which you will get complete access) so we can organize and analyze the data. These sessions last about 2 hours each and are conducted via Zoom.


Phase Two: We will also identify any Critical Questions where more information is needed. Together we will prioritize these questions and recommend targeted research needs to be done to fill in the gaps. Typically, Critical Questions fall into one of three categories:


  • Customer intelligence – we’ll draft a survey for your approval. For our clients we typically perform anonymous, 15 minute, telephone interviews of up to 50 customers. This is the most important part of the process to get an up-to-date understanding of how your customer buys, their biggest problems and how they perceive your company.
  • Competitive intelligence – Using our proprietary scoring tool, we will compare your firm with up to four of your top competitors, scoring each on 20 different weighted factors to determine where you are strong/weak and vice versa on an even playing field with your competition.
  • Industry intelligence – In some cases we will reach out to industry experts, association leaders or located secondary research to answer any questions that fall into this category.

Selected Clients

Phase Three: We will independently conduct lean, targeted research to gather whatever additional data we need to give sound recommendations. This can be covered in as little as four weeks, but more typically requires 6-8 weeks, and depends on your schedule, your client’s schedule and numerous other variables.


During this time, we will stay in touch with weekly, 30 minute calls to the Executive team to keep you informed of our progress and to discuss any questions that come up. This step requires very little of your time.


Various emphases will emerge from the process described above. For example, if the data reveals that you are not speaking to your customer’s top three concerns, we’ll fix that through your positioning and messaging strategy. If the main problem is getting in front of more qualified buyers, that will be our focus. We’ll talk about where your firm is now, where it should be, and how to get there.


Phase Four: We will schedule a meeting with the Executive team to review our findings and recommendations. This collaborative process will form the core of your marketing and lead generation strategy. We will present our analysis and specific recommendations based on the data gathered. Together we will determine the best path forward.


We will deliver a deck with our recommendations including: positioning, messaging, customer personas, metrics, ROI, creative direction and more. We will walk you through the deck and recommendations and answer any questions your team may have.


Phase Five: Once we agree on the strategy, we will create a 12 month implementation blueprint that includes all marketing tactics, responsibilities, timeline, budgeting and simplified scopes of work to implement the strategy. This is typically the missing link with most marketing firms and allows your team to execute the strategy – with or without us. Our work stands on its own and can be implemented by any competent marketing team.


Our focus is on solving problems. Generally we do not implement strategies although we sometimes make exceptions. Our deliverables are produced to industry standards and in plain language. Some clients run with the plan using in-house resources, others seek an agency to carry out the marketing tactics.


What Happens After Delivery of the Master Marketing Blueprint?


I’ll be available during implementation, assisting you via phone or email over a period of up to 60 days or two significant phone calls, whichever is first. (These are defined more clearly in our service level agreement.)


You will begin to see positive change very early in the process. In fact, gathering the materials is a valuable exercise unto itself. Some of the changes can happen quickly, and others may take six to eighteen months. Our recommendations are a balance between the eventual positive impact vs. the short term disruption, which we attempt to minimize as much as possible.


It would be a good idea to review our FAQ if you are considering the Master Marketing Blueprint.



Location. Remotely, but I do some portions via a live-switched video studio with a fiber-optic connection and multiple cameras and a live white-board.


Duration. From six to ten weeks, plus two months of implementation advisory.


Scheduling. A Master Marketing Blueprint can usually be scheduled and locked in on the calendar within 2-3 weeks, depending on the time of year.


Deliverable. Hours of industry leading analysis and advice that follows a proven process, very carefully and concisely stated recommendations for your note taking, with later expansions as necessary. We’ll deliver two decks with customer and competitive intelligence and overarching recommendations in clear language. Finally, we will deliver a large Gantt chart style implementation schedule.


Implementation Guidance. Up to three months involving up to three significant interactions. They are agenda-driven, which means that you’ll keep a log of the questions you have and we’ll address them in a batch. We don’t count the quick phone calls or any of the email exchanges during those three months. (Our work is not like a coach.)



Participation Requirements.


  • A principal or someone from finance gathers materials for roughly two hours and uploads to a DropBox we will supply.
  • Principals participate during each scheduled call, roughly 6-8 hours spread out over the course of the engagement.
  • Selected managers and key employees participate for several hours, based on their role.



Qualification Overview. As a firm, this will be most effective if you are already investing at least $450K in marketing annually. The best use of our expertise is to take ordinary firms and make them extraordinary. If you don’t feel you are there yet, consider a Master Marketing Audit to help illuminate the road signs for you.


Cost. $30,000 fee, for firms of up to ten employees. Each employee above that number adds $200. For example, a firm with fourteen employees would pay $30,800.


Payment Terms. Prepaid and non-refundable. Via wire, ACH, or check. We can take credit cards but we add 3.5% for processing costs.