The MASTER MARKETING Xray quickly determines what's working, what's not working and how to fix it.

“Half my marketing doesn’t work but I don’t know which half…”  


Now you can. Our team of seasoned marketing executives and advisors will review your current and past marketing programs and efforts and systematically redesign your marketing plan to: 


  • Find hidden waste
  • Improve lagging KPI’s
  • Get the right people on the bus
  • spot improvements in infrastructure
  • Provide an objective, third party view


If you are investing in marketing activities, paying outside agencies or contractors or supporting an in-house marketing team the Xray rapidly gets to the heart of what is holding you back from meeting your demands. Whether they be lead generation, demand generation or other sales-driving activity, our approach is unique and proven over thousands of implementations. 


Don’t feel bad. Nobody is happy with marketing. 


Gartner says only 11% of marketers are happy with their marketing programs. That means 89% are not happy. If it were easy to figure out why, there wouldn’t be so much wasted money and misery in the marketing world. 


We build the XRay process decades ago and have used it successfully to deconstruct marketing programs and reconstruct them so they meet expectations and directly contribute to the growth of the organization.  


We have done this process with very large (F100/500) to mid-sized businesses thousands of times without fail. 


  • Review current and previous marketing approach: Examine and analyze any available marketing materials, plans, research, etc. 
  • Series of strategic sessions.  We’ll facilitate several team meetings to ask any questions not answered by step one. 
  • Recommendations:  We will deliver our findings and recommendations to solve marketing problems, reduce waste and improve performance metrics in plain language. 


Proven approach


Pete Monfre has helped hundreds of clients gain a competitive edge using proprietary tools developed and proven over thousands of assignments for hundreds of clients. 


Working across dozens of industries, Monfre and his team have acquired the ability to rapidly see patterns in data with smaller sample sizes and incomplete data. 


Through a system of organization called the Marketing Action Planning System™ (MAPS) our team can intake a tremendous amount of information about a client and almost instantly see deviations in the patterns we know to lead to successful outcomes. 


"After working with Pete we were able to double our pricing. It was foundational information we lacked. We have now a clear position in our market...”

"Finally an online workshop that isn’t just fluff. Monfre packs in value and walks you through defining or redefining your best position in the market.”  

The MASTER MARKETING Xray focuses three decades of experience on your specific marketing challenges and presents solutions. 




  • We will create order out of chaos. It’s common that a client’s marketing programming is fragmented and undisciplined. We make it easy to align elements and approach the effort systematically. 
  • Improved messaging that better conveys your core value to the market – clearly and succinctly. 
  • A clearly stated position in the market that makes our clients’ offerings more desirable and valuable than alternatives. 
  • Identify unknown blockades and obstacles that are hampering your effort to drive and capture demand. 
  • See your marketing approach from a new set of experienced eyes and the perspective of dozens of B2B industries. 


“As a business coach, I've never seen a tool set like Pete has developed for marketing. It makes it crystal clear what we need to do.”



THE MASTER MARKETING Xray is just $14,750. Typically we find 5X-10X our fee in waste, more than offsetting our small fee. 




The MMXray is designed for B2B  companies that are already investing in marketing activities but struggling to know what is working and what isn’t working. 




The typical Xray takes about 45 days or less depending on the client’s ability to provide materials and schedule sessions. Rarely does it take longer than 60 days.