Email Marketing

Final Notice. Please, God, let it be true.

You may have noticed (or perhaps you didn’t) that I took a break from blogging for a bit. OK, a long bit. I just needed to clear my head and didn’t think I really had anything of value to add. But lucky for you (or not) I’m back at it and full of piss and vinegar. (not much vinegar, really). So what hot poker of stupidity has prompted this triumphant return to the blogosphere? Idiocy in email form. I sometimes wonder what goes through the heads of people who use email marketing thinking they can trick us. Note to spammers: we are not that stupid. Note to one Eric Johnson (if that is your real name) from some joint called “D3 Intelligence” in Seattle Washington (oh irony…) I don’t know what “D3” stands for. I can only guess it’s Dumbass to the third power. So what offense has this guy[…]

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Creativity: Thy Name is Powerhouse

I get a lot of promotional emails in my inbox. I know, you’re stunned. You know the kind – “We are the best.” “You can’t survive without us.” “Viagra!”. Like you, I’m like a ninja with the delete key, tossing these zero value missives into the trash can like Rosie O’Donnell tosses cheeseburgers down her gullet. But today, some of my faith in the power of email was restored! My friends over at Powerhouse Animation poked my brain with a delightful, hilarious, snide and perfectly executed little promo that shows what can be done with the medium – and reminds us that we shouldn’t take ourselves (or our marketing) too seriously. We need to have some fun. Push it a little. And seriously kick ass when it comes to execution.

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The Way Not To Sell

I got this email today. It’s important that you know I’ve never talked to this person. I have heard of the company (who’s name has been changed because I’m feeling charitable at the moment) but this was sent to me cold. I’ve added my comments. The original email is in yellow. (I’m just sharing this with you – I didn’t respond to the email. Yet.) And, before you comment, yes, I’m a big jerk. Dear Pete, Thank you very much for the opportunity to speak with you regarding Acme Business Services. I haven’t given him the opportunity – I’ve never spoke to him or heard of him. Nice trick though. I’m happy to introduce myself as the Regional Director of Business Development for your area. Good for you. I’m glad you are happy. Do you want a cookie? I have been serving the market research industry for over a decade[…]

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