grandpa’s rules

Grandpa Monfre’s Rules for a Happy, Prosperous and Rewarding Life

This was written by my father in June of 2014 and distributed to his grandchildren. To all my Grandchildren; Here are my wonderful rules of life, that if applied each and every day, will help you grow into valued member of society, and a person of great integrity.  Rules are NOT listed in order of importance. The world and it’s people owe you nothing. You get what you work for. Mom and Dad provided for your housing, food, security and emotional well being for all these years, and when you reach the age of majority (18) it is time for you to start to look to yourself for successes. Facts do not cease to exist, because they are ignored. Debt and credit cards rob you of your freedoms. Never speak ill of others. If you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all. Do not be a gossip. You demean[…]

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