risk mitigation

Sticking Your Neck Out

I have to admit, I always knew what “sticking your neck out”  meant, but it wasn’t until I owned my own business did I really get the literal meaning of the phrase.  Obviously, it means taking a risk and I’ve learned that risk taking is as much of growing a business as taxes, complaining employees and going to the bank. Of course, the key is to take measured risks. I’ve been doing some work with NASA lately and as I study the agency’s history and culture, one thing has become crystal clear – at NASA, it’s all about taking measured risks. And at the same time, doing everything to mitigate these risks. If these brave souls were afraid to stick their necks out our civilization would look very different. Granted, there have been instances where things went terrible wrong but ultimately, NASA achieves the impossible every day. One of the[…]

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