search engine rip off

SEO Ripoff.

I just paid a visit to a former client’s web site that I developed a while back. The site was the culmination of several months of strategic work – developing the company’s brand, corporate identity and marketing message. I also helped them iron out their sales strategy and create a tactical marketing plan. I taught them how to fish and they went about casting their lines without me. No problem. Everybody happy. The first thing I noticed when I visited the site was that someone had inserted a god awful logo proudly proclaiming the site was WC3 XHTML 1.0 certified. What the hell does that do for the company? I don’t think any of the folks that visit the site give a whit about how nice the code is. (The business is a home care provider – customers are typically baby boomers looking for someone to provide in-home care to[…]

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