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Web video done right.

A few weeks ago, I worked with my friend Amy Hardin to create a series of short web videos. Here’s the result. It got me thinking about web video since I get asked at least once a week about how to do it or why. So here’s my easy guide to on-line video. But first, see how it’s done. [youtube wdfoDtBUClM]

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web site hurting your sales effort?

by Pete Monfre When many companies talk about marketing, they inevitably end up focusing myopically on their company web site.  Do a search in any search engine for “marketing” and the vast majority of topics will be on-line marketing. It’s as if the web has become the singular representation of  of marketing and sales tactics. While your web site is important, it is a mistake to consider it as the only factor in reaching prospects and converting them to customers. For most companies the web is a critical focal point during the early stages of your sales process for prospects. The trouble arises when the we attempt to make the site everything to everyone. I’m not saying there are many different uses for a corporate web site (service, support, education, social interaction, etc.) but most of my clients expect their site to primarily help drive sales. Whatever you are trying[…]

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This weeks most aggravating web sites

I was doing some research today (because that’s what I do) and came across two web sites for technology companies. (I say “technology companies because I still can’t figure out what they do) One company is relatively new so they get some slack for that. However, the other has been in business for several years and I know that it struggles to attract new clients. Both of these companies are so far off the mark with their web sites it keeps me up at night. Why do I care? Because I know these companies have good products and services and really want to succeed. But the way they are attempting to communicate with the world completely defeats their desire to grow. It actually hurts them! Here are my issues with these web sites Waaaaaaaay too much information. I know engineers love this stuff but there is a time and a[…]

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