This is Why Your Marketing Might Be Failing

“Only 11% of marketing managers are satisfied with their marketing efforts” says Gartner. I know why.


Too many smart, capable marketers and executives get “strategy” mixed up with “plan”. The strategy is IN the plan. But they are different animals.


Plotting out tasks, activities and oners does not mean you have a strategy. I means you have a schedule.


Even worse these activities get conflated with results – e.g., “If we successfully completed the activities, we are successful.”


Having a list of WHATs and WHO’s is bound to fail if nobody ever asks WHY.


In this scintillating podcast I pontificate about how the planning process works and how to arrive at the right STRATEGIES for your business.


It’s all about the journey – not the documents that result from the journey. Strategy is all about asking and re-asking the questions and looking at the business as a whole.


The easiest definition is “the combination of thought and actions that achieves a goal.” It’s not hard to understand the process of developing a marketing strategy.


In this video show you the crucial components and flow of how we have approached the rapid development of marketing strategies for three decades.


This approach has been implemented thousands of times for hundreds of clients and refined all the way.


We do it this way because it works. We’ve also done the research – skip this step at your own peril.


By far the biggest factor in play with regard to achieving significant marketing results is whether or not the organization implemented a planning process or not. S

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