Web Hosting and Maintenance terms of Service

Your new website includes 12 months of premium maintenance and hosting.

Premium Support covers the following:


  • 24 Hr Help Desk – Any inquiries receive response within 24 hours, usually same business day.
  • Hosting Support – We take responsibility for your hosting server running at it’s best.
  • Website Support – We provide comprehensive coverage of the security and performance of your website as well.
  • Website Backups – We perform daily backups of your entire site and database to keep your data safe. 
  • Website Security – We provide real-time threat monitoring and mitigation to prevent the vast majority of security breaches. 
  • Site Restoration Service – We can restore your site to an earlier state using one of our backups at no cost. For any work that requires extensive troubleshooting, we will bill that time at regular house rates with client approval. 
  • Performance Upgrades – We publish significant upgrades to your website’s source code quarterly to keep things running smoothly.


Service Agreement Details


  • Daily database backups 
  • Weekly comprehensive backups (all media files, php documents and everything associated with your website hosting account)
  • Platform, software and plug-in updates as needed
  • Security and performance monitoring and updates 
  • Unlimited tech support via email
  • Content changes (text and images)
  • Limited troubleshooting and break/fix services


2 hours of development work per quarter is reserved for each website we host and manage. This does not include development of copy, images, creative direction or significant structural changes to the site. Clarity Marketing Support, Inc. will determine what is included and what is not included. 


For larger upgrades, updates or changes that require development work, we will estimate these projects in advance and seek client approval before work is done. 

PLEASE NOTE: Hosting accounts may be subject to increased rates if the size of the website exceeds 2Gb. We do not retain backups of files larger than 500Mb. You are welcome to use your hosting account to host as many files as you like, as large as you like. For files larger than 500Mb, client assumes responsibility for maintaining backups of those files. Service agreements allow up to 1Gb of storage by default. This can be doubled to 2Gb by request. Additional storage is available by request for $10 per Gb per month.

Our servers have consistently maintained a 99.9% uptime for as long as we’ve been in business, but this does not represent a guarantee. There are certain repairs and upgrades that do require taking your site offline for brief, scheduled periods of time. You always receive communication in advance, so you will always know the status of your website at all times. Maintenance downtime is always scheduled in the evening hours.

Cancellation Of Service
Client may cancel any active service agreement at any time by notifying us via the support page. Upon notifying us in writing, cancellation will be effective within 30 days.

Upon cancellation, you continue to receive access to your site until the closing of your account. This gives you up to 30 days to procure a backup of your files. If you need assistance backing up your files, please contact us through the support page. We do not retain backups of client files once an agreement has expired and is not renewed.

We reserve the right to cancel any active service agreement for any reason. If Clarity Marketing Support cancels an account, Clarity will migrate the website to an alternate hosting provider of the client’s choice.

PLEASE NOTE: Client’s account must be paid current upon cancellation. Website will be available for migration after any outstanding balance has been paid. Legal and/or technical issues regarding HIPAA Compliance, PCI Compliance and GDPR Compliance do not fall under our this scope of work. If you have specific technical requirements to meet any compliance standards, we can provide a quote and separate agreement to complete that work.



Except as specifically made herein, Clarity Marketing Support, Inc. makes no warranties, expressed or implied and specifically disclaim any warrant of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Client is responsible for the security of customer information and data, PCI compliance and absolves Clarity Marketing Support, Inc, it’s employees, contractors and officers of any liability for security breaches or any other reason.


If you have questions, please use the form located here.