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Pete Monfre and Heidi Acott are the founders of Clarity Marketing Support. Founded in 1990, our cross discipline team helps B2B service companies develop and refine go-to-market strategies. 


Our recommendations are based on real-world data seen through the eyes of your customer and the market. We combine this data with the experience of helping hundreds of clients over thirty years of being in business to laser focus on improving outcomes. 


Our flagship offerings:


THE MASTER MARKETING BLUEPRINT – an overarching marketing plan for B2B


THE MASTER MARKETING XRAY – A marketing audit and performance review


THE MASTER MESSAGING BRANDPLAN – Messaging and positioning strategy


We See More Because We’ve Seen More. 


Our clients are already successful and seek to achieve the next chapter of success. They face significant transitions and opportunity and need to reduce risk. Most of all they need someone they can trust. 


Our Approach Reduces Risk While Bringing Predictability and Scalability to Organizations.


We’ve been helping global brands and smaller growing clients drive opportunities and capture demand for three decades. 


We hate the hardsell, love America and put our clients’ businesses first in everything we do.


Great Marketing Isn’t All We Do.


Founders Pete and Heidi have organized and delivered medical aid and educational materials to underserved people around the world and are active in supporting STEM education and in local performing arts.


Monfre is an accomplished musician who has recorded and performed with 9 Grammy winning artists. He hosts the nationally syndicated podcast The B2B Marketing Mindset and is currently an artist in residence at the Saxon Pub. 


The couple was named “Most Interesting Family in America,” by Babble magazine and have received Presidential honors from two sitting Presidents for their work in disaster aid and education. They  enjoy raising and training German Shepherd Dogs, restoring classic Corvettes and mentoring up-and-coming leaders.


Let’s do something great together.


Photo by Kim Yarbrough

Our Values
Be Nice.
Treat those around us like we would like to be treated.
Our Values
Value long term relationships over short term gain.
Our Values
Have integrity in all things all the time.
When the work is done, what will our clients, employees and partners think of us?
Our Values
Live in the Client's Shoes.
Strive for true understanding when making recommendations.
Our Values
Put the right people in the right seats.
Surround yourself with people smarter than you and let them do their thing.
Our Values
Marketing is most of all, listening.
Our Values
Never Stop Learning
Everything changes all of the time.
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pete resize-01

Pete Monfre


Pete Monfre founded the company in 1990 and maintains the vision for the firm. He is responsible for revenue growth and works directly with clients. 

Heidi resize-01

Heidi Acott


Heidi Acott co-founded the company in 1990 and is the creative and organizational force behind the the firm. She supervises all aspects of creative product and production produced by the firm and works directly with clients. 

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William Lowell

Director of Research - Founder, Business development Directives

Bill Lowell Is is president of Business Development Directives, a 32 year retired professor of marketing at the University of Wisconsin and heads up Clarity’s market, customer and competitive research capabilities. 


Christian Russell


Christian is our “go-to” man for managing all of our clients’ digital marketing and web development needs. His team of US-based developers specialize in WordPress, Hubspot, Google Analytics and more.