Why Differentiate? Dumb Question?



A couple of weeks ago a client asked “Why should we worry about being different? How does that connect to revenue?” Now if you know me or have seen my podcasts, you know I’m not usually at a loss for words.


But nobody has ever asked that question before in my 30 plus years of working with clients. He wasn’t asking what differentiation was – he was asking WHY.


Of course I know why it’s crucial for B2B companies (I’ll tell you why in the video) but at that moment I was stumped because to me, the answer to WHY should be obvious, I thought surely EVERYONE knows WHY you strive to be different from competitors.


And thus, I made a common mistake that subject matter experts make – They assume people know what they know – or at least the basics. That’s just ain’t so.


In this podcast we tackle the WHY of being different.