5 Red Flags That Show Your Sales Process Sucks

After 30 years of working with clients to solve problems that are killing their revenues and profits, I've identified a number of red flags that tell me loud and clear something is wrong with how that client is selling. The good news it isn't hard to fix.

Actually, there are more than five, but these are the ones I typically see in the first hour of talking to sales teams. Keep in mind, each company’s sales process will be different and somewhat unique. These red flags show a low operational maturity – even though there may be many years of experience within the team.

Do you have a sales strategy that can be documented, tracked and improved continuously? If not, your sales might suck. Or it’s costing you far more than you need to be spending to acquire customers. You DO know your Cost of Customer Acquisition, right?

Contact me if you have any of these red flags. Let’s fix it.