The Magic Marketing Bullet – revealed

For years now I've kept this highly guarded secret to myself because I didn't want to let clients in on something that would surely render me useless to them. It's not like I haven't been asked a thousand times to reveal this secret - it comes up all the time in various forms but the essence of the question sounds like "What is The Magic Bullet marketing thing I can do to instantly make sales?"

I know it is selfish of me to keep this magic to myself. A client who knows this sacred information has no need for the marketing and advertising industry. In fact, the Industry has kept this information locked up in secret, hidden file cabinets for years to ensure they have an unending stream of clients who will pay them to reveal bits and pieces of The Magic Bullet – but they never revealing the entire Bullet. I can’t say I blame them either.


So, lucky reader, I am going to risk banishment from the marketing industry by revealing what nobody will ever tell you – the secret behind The Magic Marketing Bullet. Are you ready? Are you sitting down?




That’s right. You read that correctly. No magic. No secret sauce. No universal inspiration. Nothing. Zip. Nada-rino.


The idea that you could just do one simple thing and and it would instantly create demand and drive customers crazy to the point where they can’t wait to write a check makes me laugh. Ha ha ha ha. If only it were that easy, I wouldn’t have a job!


But nothing in business (or in life) works this way. Anything good is going to be hard. 


A successful marketing program is more like a constant stream of highly targeted bullets. No single tactic drives the success of the program – although certain tactics will rise to the top in terms of effectiveness. The real secret (if it even is a secret) is that the bullets will all work together to produce an effect that is greater than the sum of the parts. Some will hit the target, some won’t and some will ricochet and eventually hit a target. But they work together to kill the…well, maybe the bullet metaphor has gone on long enough. You get the idea.


Marketing and sales programs don’t just happen. It takes a systematic approach. These days building a strong client base takes time and is hard work. It’s not a sprint it’s more like a slog through an obstacle course with sacks of flour taped to your legs. And you didn’t shave.



I wish I had some Magic to share. If we meet, I can probably pull a quarter out of your ear or shove a salt shaker through the table but if you need help driving more of the right opportunities to your business, maybe we should talk. You can schedule yourself at