Appeasement Marketing Vs. Results Marketing?


Are your marketing people just trying to appease you?  I’m blowing the lid of “yes men” in the marketing industry and why you need results not appeasement.


The Yes man agrees with everything that has a paycheck attached to it. Imagine if you went to the doctor and said “Doc, you gotta help me. I need my leg amputated immediately to stop these headaches!”


Do you think the doctor is just going to say, “Let’s get that sucker off right now!” Of course not. He is going to jump right into his process to diagnose what’s going on. You will submit to this process because, well he’s the doctor – an expert in his field.


The pharmacist on the other hand, you give her an order and she’ll fill it without question while telling you that you might grow extra limbs.


Which do you want for your marketing team. The Doctor or the Pharmacist? Doctors are focused on results. He didn’t try to appease your WebMD diagnosis for your headache. He took the lead and you followed.


Now imagine a company is struggling with lead generation and they decide they need a new fancy website. They reach out to a web development company (that makes money making websites) and say, “We need a website.”


How many say, “Wait a second. Why do you need a website?” I’ll tell you how many. None. They are pharmacists.