Essential Traits of High Growth Businesses -Pete Monfre Tells the Truth

On this episode I talk to Dennis Madden about transmissions, books and the common traits growth businesses share.

  • What are the traits of the high growth business?

    Today I’m joined by Dennis Madden author, CEO of ATRA the largest trade association in the US and a man who knows how to grow a business.

    In Dennis’ new book “Hi Rev for Small Business a Faster Way to Profit” he takes on the essential traits of the successful, growing business:

  • They know what they want
  • They have a written plan to achieve it.
  • Their systems are fine-tuned to reduce waste and optimize output.
  • Their policies encourage people to give their best.
  • They value their people, and their practices show it.
  • Their people know clearly what their job assignments are.
  • Everyone knows why they are doing what they are doing.
  • They value their customers as people, not just as money sources.
  • The metrics they measure reveal exactly what is needed.