• Are you concerned that your current messaging doesn’t communicate the true value of your offering?

  • If you ask ten employees to articulate your value proposition, would you get ten different answers?

  • Are you struggling to find the right language and methods to communicate your true value to customers?

  • Has your business changed and now your messaging no longer aligns with your offering?


We collaborate with your team to develop a messaging and positioning strategy for your company, brand, product or service.


Our focus is to help you re-frame, re-define and re-write the company’s Go To Market strategy (GTM) enhancing the perception of value and communicating a clear unique position in the market. 


Perception is everything. The Master Marketing Bullseye helps you take control of how you want to be perceived. We deliver a messaging and positioning platform that gives you a powerful series of integrated statements (often combined with images) from the elevator pitch to the press pitch and beyond. 


What is your Quintessential Uniqueness – the one thing that makes you different from everybody else? Is that one thing clear in your marketing and sales communications? 


We will facilitate your team to help uncover your Quintessential Uniqueness and help you wordsmith language and images that align with your customers’ value perception. 



We are masters at combining the written word with images that instantly convey complex ideas.


The Master Marketing Xray is included in the Master Marketing Bullseye. We want to make sure we understand what makes your company tick, what’s working and what’s not. Then, we will work with you and/or your team to develop new or refined messaging as part of a complete communications strategy for your firm. 


All along the way we will deliver detailed recommendations as to how to implement the creative solutions into your online strategy, advertising, collateral, branding and more. Each project is highly customized for each client putting the emphasis where it needs to be for your specific circumstances. 


We bring the experience of thirty two years working with hundreds of clients over dozens of industries to every assignment. 


The right messaging and positioning strategy will put you on more short lists, drive more opportunity and attract the right prospects. 


Here’s how it works: 


  • Review of marketing materials. We comb through previous marketing plans, research, materials, campaigns or other documents that will help us understand and contextualize your unique situation. 


  • Rapid Situational Analysis. In a few short meetings, using our proprietary MAPS™ Framework we will collaborate with you and your team to identify areas and issues where more information is needed and how to get this information.

  • Competitive Intelligence and Customer Interviews. We will interview a random sample of customers and perform competitive intelligence to help develop a clear, differentiating position for your offering and company. 


  • Team facilitation to determine solutions. We will work with your sales and marketing teams (internal and external) and leadership to unify all stakeholders, uncover hidden issues and get everyone “on the same page” with regard to messaging and positioning strategies.


  • Comprehensive Recommendations. Our team will deliver specific recommendations in plain language, with creative direction, comprehensive layouts and implementation guidelines so you can begin implementing immediately to communicate more clearly to prospects, customers and other stakeholders. 


Like everything we do, the Bullseye is flexible and customizable. This is a fluid process that is highly individualized for each client. 


If you are interested in working together, please review our FAQ. 

Selected clients

Location. We do our portion from our multi-camera studio in Austin, Texas with a 1 Gig fiber connection. If you need in-person facilitation, let us know. We sometimes make accommodations. 


Duration. From commencement to completion, expect this process to span 30 days depending on client schedule and our workload. 


Scheduling. A Master Marketing Bullseye Messaging project can usually be initiated within 1-3 weeks, depending on the time of year.


Deliverables. Hours of seasoned advice that follows a written agenda/process, very carefully and concisely stated recommendations, and later expansions as necessary. This is spread across 3 (or more) significant calls and multiple emails and/or phone calls.

Participation Requirements. A principal or someone with access gathers materials for roughly two hours. Principals leaders and sales and marketing teams participate in the phone calls and homework, as appropriate. Approximately 4 hours of meetings over 30 days. 


Investment. $24,000 flat fee. ($14,750 if added to Master Marketing Blueprint)


Payment Terms. Paid in advance. Projects will not be scheduled or started until advance payment is received by Clarity Marketing Support, Inc. ACH transfer is preferred. We also accept checks. 


To start, please Request an Appointment using the form below. We will get back to you as soon as we can to set a time for a short call to see if we are a match. If you made it this far, we probably should talk. 🙂