How to Resuscitate Your Sales Pipeline – 5 things you can do right now

This crisis has impacted essentially everything, revenue streams are grinding to a halt, people are making more on unemployment than at their jobs causing many retail businesses to be crimped because their employees won’t come back (wait until they find out unemployment ENDS!).

At the same time there is HUGE opportunity for those companies that understand that a market will always prevail. Things will come back. The real question is:

What are you doing right now to maximize your position when the flood gates open? 

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Download Networking One Sheet Template

When I hear someone say that referrals are what drives their business, I often ask if they use “Networking” as a business development tactic. Often they are fairly active in some form of networking but not seeing any real business impact unless you are measuring in waist line diameter from hundreds of coffee shop meetings.

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Nobody cares about you.

In this Smash Podcast I tell you the cold hard truth about prospects that you need to accept so you can start reaching them with more relevant messages and calls to action that actually work.

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B2B Marketing Trends that will Rule 2018

Would 2018 be the year of innovative marketing? Well, just saying yes would be an understatement. This year also expected to be a promising year of better engagements with the audience and increased lead generation. But the critics have their worry hats on, wondering whether 2018 will also, be a year of fast-changing trends that will leave the marketers in a dizzy black hole writes Neel Sinha.

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A Digital Marketing Survival Guide For Small Businesses

Since your time is already in high demand, it is important to focus your marketing efforts where they can make the biggest impact — the digital space. While it may not be feasible to try to compete in every aspect of the digital landscape, efforts should be focused on a few key areas where a small business can still gain an advantage over its larger competitors.

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