Developed STEM Educational Program

About the Client

Exploration Nation is a K-12 supplemental science curriculum developed by Clarity Marketing Support that makes teaching science easy and fun for elementary educators.


The program featured live action, docu-reality video segments with kid hosts with on-line educator and student guides. It is currently streamed to over fifteen  thousand schools around the world.


Client challenge

Clarity’s founders built a significant YouTube following which attracted offers from Disney and Discovery Channel to turn the web program into a cable series.


After negotiations broke down, Clarity needed to find a way to leverage the audience and assets it built to define an entirely different monetization approach. 

clarity's solution

After performing significant research, our team discovered that elementary teachers struggled with teaching STEM subjects due to the subject’s complexity and lack of resources provided by the school system.


We created the Exploration Nation brand, products, marketing and promotion, publicity, media and every aspect of the program.


We represented the company and talent in the press securing coverage in Time, Forbes, Scientific American, NBC News, The Today Show and more.


We built a custom Learning Management System and partnered with Ward Science, The U.S. Army, The U.S. Geological Survey, NASA, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, Texas Parks and Wildlife, The U.S. Joint Special Operations Command, HumaniTV and many others to shape content and access scientific expeditions. 

Client Outcome

The program sold $90K during its 3 month soft launch. After 54 episodes the program ceased production and now licenses the content through several distributors to over 15K schools around the world.