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How to spot a marketing wanker

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you know I’m somewhat disappointed in the marketing industry with regard to how they obfuscate, mislead clients and generally say and do anything to make a buck. I know this is true because almost every client I talk to has several horror stories of those who came before me. And, rightly so, they are suspicious and guarded when it comes to engaging. Fair enough. Now, I’m not saying that ALL folks involved in the marketing business (and related categories) are all money grubbing slight of hand artists. I know many consultants, designers, web developers and other people who really know their stuff and operate at the highest levels of ethics. I just believe they are in the minority. I’m going to share with you some warning signs to look for when choosing a marketing partner so you can avoid getting ripped[…]

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Marketing Vs. Sales – Ending the Turf Wars

In an ideal world, sales teams and marketing folks should be best buddies. In this ideal world, business would come easily, profit would grow on trees and everyone would hug at the end of the day. Ok, back to the real world. It is not uncommon for sales and marketing departments to have divergent agendas. This can range from teams that simply argue over details to outright hostility. When the atmosphere is closer to the latter, this type of culture can seriously effect business development efforts, increase sales costs and generally make everyone’s lives miserable. Bringing these teams together to create a three hundred and sixty degree information cycle is critical to achieving superior growth. Sales should constantly provide feedback to marketing and marketing should reciprocate with tactics and strategies that support the sale methodology. That was easy to say but how do you make it happen? The key is[…]

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