search engine optimization

How to choose keywords for SEO

A strategic keyword analysis is the answer to this question. Using a variety of tools and techniques, we can find out how many people are searching on certain words, how much competition there is for these words, what companies are paying for keywords and much more.

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SEO Ripoff.

I just paid a visit to a former client’s web site that I developed a while back. The site was the culmination of several months of strategic work – developing the company’s brand, corporate identity and marketing message. I also helped them iron out their sales strategy and create a tactical marketing plan. I taught them how to fish and they went about casting their lines without me. No problem. Everybody happy. The first thing I noticed when I visited the site was that someone had inserted a god awful logo proudly proclaiming the site was WC3 XHTML 1.0 certified. What the hell does that do for the company? I don’t think any of the folks that visit the site give a whit about how nice the code is. (The business is a home care provider – customers are typically baby boomers looking for someone to provide in-home care to[…]

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