How to Sell Expertise

In today’s podcast I’m talking to my friend, colleague and coach Jim Cathcart about how to make the leap from a cog in an employer’s machine to a seller of knowledge and expertise.

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How to Fail at Marketing

In today’s podcast I’m exposing the underbelly of the marketing industry. My goal is to help you avoid making these mistakes and how to spot a beginner consultant.

When it comes to hiring an agency, advisor or consultant experience and expertise is what counts. Over the past few years I’ve seen a tidal wave of people putting up a shingle and proclaiming themselves a “marketing agency”.

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Why Hackers Target WordPress

In this week’s episode we discuss how the threat from hackers and bad actors has filtered down to smaller companies. What used to be a concern only for the big guys and e-commerce folks has become a real threat to small business and not just e-comm.

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Eat Your Vegetables.

My friend Matt Shultz sums up marketing strategy thusly.

Everyone wants to eat their dessert first.

We all love the sexy stuff of marketing dessert – web sites, brochures, videos, etc.

But nobody wants to eat their vegetables.

Marketing strategy is the vegetables.

If you want a healthy sales program, you have to eat your vegetables.

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It’s Not the Plan. It’s the Journey.

Forget about those binders full of data. Focus on the journey to get the real value of planning. In this video I talk about the real reason you need a marketing execution plan. This week’s Moment of Clarity is a humdinger if I do say so myself.

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Has Marketing Jumped the Shark?

Marketing has been hijacked by tech people and the results aren’t pretty. The only thing more confusing to business owners and leaders than marketing is particle string theory. What matters and what works to fuel growth has been lost in a sea of acronyms, algorhythms, doublespeak, blathering nonsense and grift.

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Are You Using LinkedIn Wrong?

In this new episode of my podcast Monfre and Myers Tell the Truth we crack LinkedIn wide open and make the case that, if you are a B2B company using LinkedIn to prospect, you are probably doing it wrong.

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Your Business is a System

In this week’s Moment of Clarity I share my thoughts on how seeing your business as a system can help you improve and grow your business.

About fifteen years ago I completely disassembled an old Corvette I bought in a fit of bad judgment at a swap meet. Every bolt. Every washer. Every piece of wire.

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