Nasty Networker: Vomitous From the Mouth


In this podcast I’m telling the truth about nasty networkers – the folks you hide from and mock behind their backs.


My friend, Scott Ingram did a survey a few years back about what people hate about networking and bad networkers.


Here I’ll be expanding on eleven horrible, nasty, nauseating mistakes people make that makes everyone else hate networking.

1. Selfish. Not interested in helping others.

2. Doesn’t ask questions. Talks too much.

3. Bashes or otherwise acts inappropriately towards competitors.

4. Uses high pressure and other bad sales techniques.

5. Abuses contact information. Sends spam and other unwanted communication.

6. Ignores business card etiquette.

7. Social climber. Always looking for somebody better to talk to.

8. Not open.

9. Naive and needs education (about proper networking).

10. More interested in the quantity of connections, not their quality.

11. Disrespectful.