The Way Not To Sell

In this post I tear apart just one of the thousands of terrible email pitches I receive each month. This is a lesson in how not to do outbound email.

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CEOs Live in a State of Paranoia that Marketing is Wasting Money

“Sales oriented executives (including CEO’s) live in a constant state of paranoia and anxiety that marketing is wasting the company’s time and money. Marketers, at all levels, live in a constant state of paranoia and anxiety that their shit does not work and/or the people, product, services they are supporting has unrealistic expectations”

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How to Sell Expertise

In today’s podcast I’m talking to my friend, colleague and coach Jim Cathcart about how to make the leap from a cog in an employer’s machine to a seller of knowledge and expertise.

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How to Fail at Marketing

In today’s podcast I’m exposing the underbelly of the marketing industry. My goal is to help you avoid making these mistakes and how to spot a beginner consultant.

When it comes to hiring an agency, advisor or consultant experience and expertise is what counts. Over the past few years I’ve seen a tidal wave of people putting up a shingle and proclaiming themselves a “marketing agency”.

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Why Hackers Target WordPress

In this week’s episode we discuss how the threat from hackers and bad actors has filtered down to smaller companies. What used to be a concern only for the big guys and e-commerce folks has become a real threat to small business and not just e-comm.

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